When you start finding potty humor in road signs…

When you start finding potty humor in road signs, you know it’s time to go home and get some rest. Coincidentally, Cape Foulwind is just up the coast from the Punukaiki Blowholes.
Also included in this batch of photos: Public service notice at the gas station in Franz Josef, Franz’s eponymous glacier, scoopable kiwi fruit with a serrated knife/spoon (so much more useful than a spork; it’s a spife); antique sock machines at the Hokitika Sock Knitting Machine Museum (I can’t make this up), and the west coast, two hours’ drive from that glacier.







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About megan hicks

The best parts of my life happen when I pull magic from thin air. That happens with the spoken word. The written word. Reclaiming trash in the material world. It's about recognition. Re-cognition. Learning fresh the truth I've always known. Seeing new potential as a result of a change in context. It's alchemy.
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One Response to When you start finding potty humor in road signs…

  1. Antique sock knitting machines! I want one. In working order. Beautiful country. And it is kiwi season. Yum.

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