We all need another new project, don’t we?

Watch this space. Especially if you’re a storyteller who has ever had a Gig from Hell. Start thinking about your most hellish performance experience. Ponder it for awhile. Relive the humiliation, the frustration, the rage. This is a time to simmer. Check back for developments.

Dadgummit. It appears one cannot simply decide to be funny and, presto! it happens.

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Oh bother — I forgot to title this one!

A-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+LgOkay, the flurry of a month of daily blogging is behind me for now. The organizers of this wordfest have requested a moment of reflection from participants.

This was my third A to Z Blog Challenge. My favorite, I think, because I set a purpose and intention for this one. I know my readership occasionally soars into double digits…so I know this effort isn’t going to raise my profile or get me work or grow my fan base. It’s a place where I can “think out loud” and where, because I said I would do it, I am accountable for showing up. I wrote 26 out of 30 days last month. I hardly ever do that without such a structure nudging me to the keyboard.

When you force ideas into words, they either take shape or they fizzle into vapor. During April, I forced ideas for a new storytelling / origami program into existence and then into the discipline of the printed word. Out of those 26 blog posts, I think I’ve got a solid half dozen good ones that I can implement and start adding to my repertoire. That’s gold!

When you crank out a blog post every day, you cannot be too precious about making it perfect. You crank it out, and there it stands, and yes, your tired ideas and mediocre expressions are hanging out as unattractively as a beige bra strap. That’s part of the process. This blog challenge has given me new appreciation for words as a recreational vehicle.

I confess, I did not read many of the other blogs. If the wordcount looked like more than 500, I clicked to something shorter. I don’t browse blogs like they’re the Ben and Jerry’s of verbiage and I want to taste them all. If I’m not engaged within the first paragraph or photograph, I move on. So maybe I don’t have the right to engage in this sponsored event. I trust the organizers will let me know if I am fired.

I do thank them for putting this group activity together. It was great fun. Unwieldy — holy cow, over 1000 blogs going up every single day! — but that’s what first draft work is…a cumbersome, creative mess. For me, the A to Z Blog Challenge is an exercise in getting comfortable with what Anne LaMott calls “sh—y first drafts.”

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